Bar and ping pong in Paris for a great evening out

Bar and ping pong in Paris promises to give you a fantastic evening out with family and friends, and comes highly recommended by all of us at Hotel Herse d'Or.

Bar and ping pong in Paris is fun for all

In New York and London, ping pong has become increasingly fashionable. There are those who say there is now a global rebirth of this ancient game, following the 2012 Olympics. Now, more than a dozen ping pong bars have opened worldwide.

In Paris, you can enjoy all of this with added French style. Gossima Ping Pong bar is a huge space with eight ping pong tables, plus two bars and a dance floor. This is a great opportunity for a unique evening. Gossima Ping Pong will happily book that tables you need, and you can order your food and drinks as well.

Book some tables and play a mini tournament. Or maybe you will challenge Parisians to a game and see who comes out on top. Perhaps you'll simply go along, order a drink and watch the action. At Gossima Ping Pong, every evening is a night of fun and games. It's one way of getting to know the real Paris, before other visitors do. You'll find yourself among some of the hippest Parisians in the city.

Then, later, take to the dancefloor after enjoying your choices from the bar. Dance the night away to Gossima Ping Pong's top-rated djs. It's an evening that you will never forget, and all within easy reach of Hotel Herse d'Or.

Bar and ping pong in Paris recommended by Hotel Herse d'Or

At Hotel Herse d'Or, we always keep on top of the latest trends in Paris. We'd be delighted to help you plan your visit to Gossima Ping Pong. Our hotel is just a short ride by Metro or taxi from the venue, and we'll be delighted to help you book your night out there.




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