Exhibition Asterix in Paris is a must for cartoon lovers

Exhibition Asterix in Paris opening this autumn has some unique documents on this most-loved of French cartoon figures, all in the super-modern surroundings of the National Library of France. 

Asterix is at the heart of French culture

The adventures of Asterix and Obelix captured the hearts of a generation of cartoon-loving children, and still do so today.

If you've ever seen one of these books, then this new show at the National Library of France is for you. If you're not a fan, then these exhibits will make you run to the nearest bookstore to buy up the books for yourself! At the heart of the exhibition, which runs until the middle of January, is the original drawings for three of the Asterix adventures. The very first, published in a magazine back in 1959, shows the beginnings of these adorable characters.

Pour over the work of the Asterix creator, René Goscinny, and marvel at his genius as you laugh along with the stories. There's also the original drawings from two other landmarks in the Asterix series, the second set of cartoons and the 24th book. Did you know that 350-million copies of the adventures of these playful Gauls and their magic potion have been sold?

We love Asterix here at the Hotel de la Herse d'Or, an easy journey from the National Library, so when you want to chat about his adventures, and yours, at the end of the day, our intimate little hotel is the perfect place.


Cartoons offer laughs - with a serious message

Since it's a show at the National Library of Paris, there's more to this than just cartoons. The place of Asterix in national culture is examined. All that and the fabulous building that houses the Exhibition Asterix in Paris, one of President Mitterands's "grand projets", on the banks of the Seine. The National Library was designed to resemble transparent books. There's nothing better than a special show like this one to explore this extraordinary architecture.


Picture copyright holder : Affiche "Astérix à la BnF" - Bibliothèque Nationale de France


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