Presented at the Grand Palais: Picasso and Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

There’s nothing like a cultural getaway in Paris, the capital of the Enlightenment, to make you forget about grey skies and the chill of winter. Two exceptional artists are on display right now at the Grand Palais: the master of Cubism, Pablo Picasso, and the great portraitist Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun. So during your stay in Paris at the Hotel de la Herse d'Or, don’t miss the opportunity to experience these two superb retrospective exhibitions. Then, in the evening, after you have thrilled to the talent of these two artists who, each in their own way, helped to evolve the pictorial arts, you can enjoy the comfort of our two-star hotel in the heart of the famous Marais district.

One hundred masterpieces of Picasso, the legendary artist

In the exhibition Picasso Mania, the Grand Palais presents a number of works by the avant-garde artist that are rarely seen in public, and sends the visitor on a journey that is both chronological and thematic. But far from being a simple monograph, Picasso Mania is also a tribute to the immeasurable influence of Picasso's work on the current contemporary scene. Upon entering the exhibition, the tone is set. Welcoming visitors are rows of screens on which artists such as Jeff Koons and Agnes Varda discuss the influence of the co-creator of cubism on their own work. This thread is woven throughout the route offered by the Grand Palais, and paintings and sculptures by Picasso continually resonate with the creations of contemporary artists such as McCarthy, Warhol and Basquiat. A final section of the exhibition showcases Picasso's appearances in film and television, notably in the films of the great directors, Louis Malle and Jean-Luc Godard.

An exhibition not to be missed at the Grand Palais until February 29th 2016.

Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun: refined portraiture

An opportunity to become acquainted with the most rarefied echelons of 18th and 19th century French society is presented to us by the Grand Palais in its exhibition dedicated to the exceptional portraitist Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755-1842). This is the first major retrospective in France to showcase the work of this outstanding artist, and it is enthralling, as more than 130 paintings reflecting the turbulent period of history surrounding the French Revolution are displayed. A strong, spirited, beautiful and independent woman, Elizabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun grew up in a middle-class family of artisans and artists. Her exceptionally high level of talent impressed the aristocracy and royalty of Italy, France and Russia, and the work she created constitutes an astonishing legacy. Among the most famous of her elegant portraits are those of Marie Antoinette, who granted the artist royal patronage, and that of Napoleon's sister, Caroline Murat.

The exhibition is at the National Galleries of the Grand Palais until January 11th, 2016.

Lebrun, Self-portrait.jpg
Lebrun, Self-portrait par Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun - Description in Art Renewal Center - Old image from Sous licence Domaine public via Wikimedia Commons


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