The International Heritage show Paris annual event

The International Heritage show Paris is an annual event bringing together various sectors of local, national and international society, playing an integral role in the preservation and conservation of heritage. This event, beginning on the 7th - 10th November 2013, will be held at the Carrousel du Louvre. It consists of a series of workshops, exhibits, conferences and meetings, giving professionals and the public a chance to exchange and interact. 

International Heritage show Paris and its history

The very first International Heritage show was held in 1995. Since its early beginnings it has grown from strength to strength, observing various aspects of heritage, while maintaining an active role in this essential arena. The International Heritage unifies the keepers and curators of tradition, like art societies, restorers, project managers, editors, press, forecasters, international authorities and schools.

In 2008 the event opened up its margins and expanded from being a national, to an international affair, which in turn increased the presence of foreign establishments. The Ateliers d'Art de France, the largest French professional craft federation, took on ownership of the International Heritage show in 2009, propelling this event to greater heights.

In 2012, 315 exhibitors took part in the show, ranging from those involved in restaurant and corporate art, service providers, publishers, media, press, booksellers, museum material and suppliers of furniture and real estate manufactured goods.

Exhibitors and theme for the 2013 International Heritage show Paris

The official theme for the 2013 International Heritage show is Heritage and Territories. This subject matter highlights the unique relationship with the heritage of cultural geography, which the Ateliers d'Art de France describe as being trails and roads.

This concept views property as a mechanism for regional expansion and the development of geographical signals for manufactured goods. We are centrally located and close to the Carrousel du Louvre, making the Hotel de la Herse d'Or a great choice for accommodation while in Paris.


International Heritage show Paris - Poster - Foundation Ateliers d'Art de France


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