Paris 1900 new exhibition takes you back to an amazing time

Paris 1900 new exhibition at the Petit Palais transports you to a vibrant era when the Belle Epoque was at its height and Paris was at the heart of the world - and the show is within easy reach of your intimate home-from-home at Hotel de la Herse d'Or.

In 1900, Paris hosted the Exposition Universelle, the Universal Exhibition, and on show was everything from fashions and art to technological achievements such as early experiments in film and even the first diesel engine. Fine new buildings were constructed - including some of the city's great stations and the magnificent Petit Palais itself, where this extraordinary show is now displayed.

The idea of Paris 1900 is to take you back to this time of optimism and flair, when Paris truly was the city of the future.

Six pavilions within the Petit Palais include paintings by such masters as Monet and Pissaro, fascinating architectural plans, an entire section on fashion - and some of the work of the pioneers of art nouveau, the decorative style that still defines the Paris of the 21st century.

This was an astonishing time in Paris, and, at Hotel de la Herse d'Or we heartily recommend that you visit this unique show.

At Petit Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris, until 7 August.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm.
Late opening until 8pm on Thursdays.
Phone: 01-53-43-40-00.
Métro: Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau




Picture copyright holder - Henri Gervex, Une soirée au Pré-Catelan, 1909 : Copyright Paris Musée Carnavalet, Roger Viollet - Exhibition's press pack

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