Paris fun fair 2014 : A superb day out in France!

Paris fun fair 2014 is going to be a superb event and one not to be missed by anyone in the area. This (literally "Foire du Trône") is a funfair that is like nothing you have seen before, with hundreds of attractions and over 1,500 professional people coming together to create an event that will attract patrons from all around. You will see all the classics, Ferris wheels, fun houses, ghost houses, roller-coasters and many other attractions for children and adults of all ages. This parisian funfair is an annual event that has grown and grown over past years, with more and more being added, creating this massive event that you see here today. If you are planning to be in or around Paris between Friday 4 April 2014 and Monday 9 June 2014, make sure you get along to this event.

Paris fun fair 2014 also has educational attractions for kids

Alongside all the fun rides, games and other attractions to keep your whole family entertained, there is a whole host of educational stands and activities, designed to help children learn and grow. There will be stands from various professional people who are organising new and inventive ways to help children learn about things that will be useful in their future lives.

To give an example of how the educational stands would work, there will be scientific stands, demonstrating how science and other technical subject affect the world we live in today. There is nothing like some really cool science tricks and shows to entertain children of all ages and educational levels.

Hotel de la Herse d'Or puts you in a prime position to attend the Paris fun fair 2014

Hotel de la Herse d'Or is right in the heart of Paris and puts you in a prime position to attend the Paris fun fair 2014. This hotel is a beautiful contemporary accommodation that will make your stay is this wonderful Parisian city a memorable one.




Picture copyright holder : Wikimedia commons - Photographer Eric Jappini

Hôtel de la Herse d’Or Paris,
a charming hotel in the heart of the Marais district in Paris.



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