Robin Hood musical Paris meets Palais des Congress

The Robin Hood musical Paris is an entertaining comedy premiering at the Palais des Congress, from September 26-January 5 2014. French singer, M. Pokora stars as Robin Hood, the legendary hero and esteemed prince of thieves. He is joined on stage by his band of merry men, Little John played by Marc Anthony and Friar Tuck played by Nyci Lilliu, in this adapted version of the English classic. The Robin Hood musical is produced by Gilbert Coullier and Roberto Ciurleo. 

The Robin Hood musical Paris : A brief synopsis

Robin Hood was well known for robbing the rich, to give to the poor and was therefore considered an outlaw. Both Robin and his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham, share a love for Maid Marian, who is in love with Robin Hood. It is this love that has inspired the script of the Robin Hood musical Paris, which is officially called Robin des Bois: Ne renoncez jamais.

The story begins with Maid Marian and Robin Hood spending a night together, from which a child is conceived. 19 years later that child, a handsome young man, falls in love with Robin Hood's arch enemy's daughter, and as an act of revenge, the Sheriff of Nottingham imprisons him. The adventures therefore proceed and Robin Hood initiates a rescue operation to free his son.

Robin Hood musical Paris : A musical treat for the whole family

This wonderful play has stirred up a lot of interest and it is no wonder as it features a highly rated cast, with an outstanding musical composition. Robin Hood musical Paris (Comédie musicale Robin des Bois) promises to be the event of the year and a show not to be missed. When you stay with us, at the Hotel Herse d'Or, you'll receive an excellent standard of service, while enjoying our central location, with an easy access to the Palais des Congrès (convention centre).


Robin Hood musical Paris - The artists - Photographer Benjamin Decoin


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