Spring Of The Renaissance : bringing beauty up close

Spring Of The Renaissance takes place at the Louvre from the 26th September until the 6th January. Presented in partnership with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation in Florence, this exhibition examines the roots of the Renaissance with particular emphasis on sculptural art in Florence from 1400 to 1460. A major attraction will be the opportunity to get close to the works on show so that they can be studied from all sides. As a guest of the Hotel de la Herse d'Or you will be within easy walking distance of the Louvre and many other iconic Parisian landmarks. 

Spring Of The Renaissance a feast of breath-taking art

Renaissance is a French word that literally means rebirth. The resurgence of art and science at the end of the Middle Ages began in the Florentine republic and spread throughout Europe by the 16th century. The movement drew from classical antiquity, taking the knowledge gleaned from the past and developing it into the flowering of a new age of enlightenment and creativity. In art, the architect Filippo Brunelleschi developed a geometrical methodology for the depiction of perspective which was swiftly adopted by the artists of Florence and Italy. This, along with an increasing tendency towards naturalism, realism, the depiction of light and shadow, and the anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci, brought forth new ways of creating art.

Spring Of The Renaissance shows how sculpture occupied a central position in this artistic rebirth through the creative vision of such masters as Donatello. The exhibition demonstrates how the previous Gothic style developed into the more naturalistic Renaissance style. This is followed by themed areas dealing with such subjects as equestrian monuments and Madonna and Child. Some works have been specially restored for this exhibition. There is an interactive area where visitors can touch small bronzes and plaster casts to literally get the feel of these works.

Hotel de la Herse d'Or recommends the Spring of the Renaissance

Our 400 year old hotel on the Right Bank of the Seine is just minutes from the Louvre Museum. The Hotel de la Herse d'Or is the perfect base for exploring the heart of Paris.  


Musee du Louvre - Tourist office Paris - Photographer Jacques Lebar


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