Trendy bars for unique evenings near the Herse d’Or

To fill your evenings with fun and conviviality during a stay at the Hotel Herse d’Or, we offer our selection of the trendiest and most distinctive bars in the Bastille district. Warmth, a chic atmosphere, original decor, a varied menu and bags of style, these places have all you need for enjoyable evenings full of surprises in unique settings.

Dive into the atmosphere of the West at Le Red House

A place for privileged hipsters, the Red House is the ideal place to spend an evening in a friendly and truly original setting. Designed and built in the pure spirit of the golden age of the cowboys, this bar offers a very Wild West atmosphere with a nice modern touch. The trendy aspects of the decor contrast pleasingly with those that are reminiscent of a Texan saloon, such as the majestic bull’s skull hanging over the bar. But this place is much more than just a striking setting, it also offers a dynamic atmosphere electrified by the professional DJs who perform at the Red House seemingly most nights. Each evening, the 500m2 bar areas vibrate to the rhythm of rock, punk, funk, electro and other diverse sounds. The beer flows freely, especially during Happy Hour (from 17:00 to 20:00), along with delicious, sweet and full-bodied cocktails, and even the most expensive spirits are offered at very reasonable prices.

Discover the famous bar Les Disquaires

This far-famed bar is distinguished by its very original decor and soft lighting that reflects from its red walls of polished concrete. On these, you can admire the regularly renewed displays of the works of Parisian artists while dancing to the rhythm of the live performances that are held there regularly. Although the bar is focused primarily on funk and soul music, there is something for everyone, including jazz, hip-hop, DJ sessions and more. The atmosphere here is great, reminiscent of the trendier corners of New Orleans. Les Disquaires is friendly, relaxed and you can listen to good music while enjoying a reasonably priced drink and then get up for a dance. What more could you ask from a great night out?

Find retro bar charm in the Café de l’Industrie

With rooms clad in old dark wood paneling, its decor, its small round tables and softly filtered light, the Café de l'Industrie well recalls the style of classic bistros, and is a veritable institution in the district. There’s a nice variety of French cuisine dishes, all reasonably priced and accompanied by red wines available throughout the day. To add to the retro ambience, there’s a certain tropical touch of the neo-colonial about the décor, with African fetishes, crocodile skins, old pictures, ancient photos of indigenous peoples and various other artefacts that give this place its own distinctive character. It’s popular, but rarely overcrowded, so you can generally be sure of being comfortable. In the evening, the atmosphere is at its most captivating, ensuring pleasant relaxation.


Pub Le Red House - no.1 bis, rue de la Forge Royale - Paris 12th ardt - Metro: Ledru Rollin, Bastille, Faidherbe- Chaligny
Pub Les Disquaires - no. 4-6 rue des Taillandiers - Paris 11th ardt - Metro: Bastille, Ledru Rollin ou Bréguet Sabin
Café de l'Industrie - no. 16 rue Saint-Sabin - Paris 11th ardt - Metro: Bréguet-Sabin


Picture Room of Café L'Industrie copyright holder: Café De L'Industrie

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