Unusual outings in Paris as seen in the movies

Picturesque, atmospheric, historic and endlessly fascinating, Paris is one of the world’s most photogenic cities and offers unusual outings. It’s no surprise, then, to discover that the city has featured countless times on the big screen as movie makers use the French capital as the setting or backdrop for the tales they wish to tell. Realising that movie buffs enjoy exploring the real life locations in which their favourite cinematic gem was filmed, the Mission Cinéma organisation has been offering film trail guides on which you can conduct yourself through the cinematic history of the City of Light. Here at the Hotel Herse d’Or, in the very heart of the Paris that is so loved on the silver screen, you will be perfectly situated to set out on a voyage into the capital’s movie history.

The Paris film trails await your discovery

France has always been passionate regarding the 7th art. In this country movies were taken seriously as an art form before anywhere else, and this fascination continues right up to the present day, with the French passion for both home-grown cinematic creations and those of the rest of the world. So it is that within the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris, the Mission Cinéma organisation has been created to preserve and celebrate the city’s cinematic heritage. In addition to helping in the facilitation of movie production in the city, the Mission Cinéma also issue small guides which you can pick up from any of the many Tourist Information centres around Paris. These give you all the information you need regarding Les Parcours Cinéma, or Film Trails, around the capital.

You can explore any of a number of film trails winding their way throughout Paris, accompanied by these handy guides filled with photographs, historical information and plenty of fun facts about the movies that were filmed in various locations along the way. Whether you love The Devil Wears Prada, La Vie en Rose, the animated delights of Ratatouille or a selection of other fine films, you will be able to retrace the footsteps of your favourite characters and see Paris as they saw it in their fictional worlds.

You may have seen Paris from the perspective of history, culture, art, gastronomy or numerous other angles before, but this will be the first time you’ve viewed the city as filmmakers see it, and how the characters in your favourite films experienced it. Slip one of these guides into your pocket and set out on a journey of exploration through the compelling Paris of Rush Hour 3, the Da Vinci Code and Hugo. The Paris Film Trails offer an adventure that the entire family can share as you discover not only a new angle on the well-known Parisian landmarks, but also places of which you might not be aware, while following in the footsteps of your big screen idols.


To Download the film trail guides: Les parcours du cinéma


Picture copyright holder : Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont

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