A wonderful Festival of Fairground Magic

Le Festival du Merveilleux presents 11 days of shows and magic. This wonderful festival, bringing together the dreamlike atmosphere of the traditional fairground, the flamboyance of the music hall and the enchantment of yesteryear runs from December 26th until January 4th at the Pavillons du Bercy, and is highly recommended by the Hotel Herse d’Or.

Wonders, curiosities and fun for all the Family

The Pavillons de Bercy is the location for a time lost place where wonders still abound. Here can be found one of the largest collections of vintage fairground rides, sideshows, games, art and general carnival enchantment to be found anywhere in the world. For 35 years its creator Jean-Paul Favand gathered these items together, lovingly restoring and preserving each one. Now it is a living museum of nearly 8,000 square metres in total

Each entry ticket gives access to the Theatre of the Wonderful, the Museum of Fairground Arts, the Salons Vénitiens and the Théâtre de Verdure. New this year is the Magic Mirror, a faithfully restored dance hall tent dating from the Roaring Twenties that was once used to bring entertainment into rural areas.

Come and see extravaganzas worthy of the court of the Sun King, flying carpets, wooden horses, puppets, automata, magic lantern shows, masks, optical illusions, a Méliès moon and the sequins and feathers of the music hall. There are regular shows featuring storytellers, mimes, magicians, acrobats and others performing for your delectation as well as rides and sideshows that seem to have sprung full blown out of the past to sprinkle the present with dream dust. There could be no more perfect way to prolong the magic of Christmas.


Show Festival du Merveilleux : December 26 - January 4, 2015
Musée des Arts forains (Museum of Fairground Arts), Pavillons de Bercy
53, avenue des Terroirs de France, Paris 12e
Metro : Cour Saint Emilion, line 14


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Daniel Thierry

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