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Unusual outings in Paris as seen in the movies

It’s no surprise, to discover that the city has featured countless times on the big screen as movie makers use the French capital as the setting or backdrop for the tales they wish to tell. Realising that movie buffs enjoy exploring the real life locations in which their favourite cinematic gem was filmed, the Mission Cinéma organisation has been offering film trail guides on which you can conduct yourself through the cinematic history of the City of Light.

An unusual trip to Paris, courtesy of the Archi-Bus

Don’t miss the excursions to the architectural heart of the City of Light provided by the Archi-Bus. Anyone looking for an unusual trip to Paris that offers the opportunity to see the city in a new light should certainly take advantage of this fabulous idea, combining as it does heritage, culture, history, beautiful buildings and public transport!

Come and stay in a hotel in the heart of Paris

The Hotel de la Herse d'Or , hotel in the heart of Paris located in the historic Marais district, is within easy reach of various modes of public transport that will allow you swift and comfortable access to all the sites of interest in the capital. Here you will be well placed to fully enjoy all the events we are pleased to present you each month on our official blog, such as the Winter Sales, the Paris International Agricultural Show and all the many other happenings due to take place in this brand new year.
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